Handling duplicate email addresses

The system handles de-duplication at two different stages: when you import subscriber data and when you send out a campaign.


  • When a CSV file is being imported into your account, the system will check the file and only import each email address once.
  • If a CSV file is being added to an existing list, the system will also check for any email addresses that may already be held on that list and not import them again.


  • If a subscriber is on more than one list and you select to send to 'All', the system will check for any duplicates and only send to a subscriber once. This will also apply if you create a search which combines more than one list. If a subscriber is on more than one list included in the search, the system will ensure they only receive the email once.
  • If you want to schedule a campaign to numerous lists at different times and you are worried about someone being contacted too frequently you can use the 'Exclude those who have been contacted in x days' feature to prevent this happening.


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