Manage your Do Not Contact list

The Do Not Contact list contains email addresses and mobile numbers to which will never dispatch a campaign. When a subscriber unsubscribes from your emails, they are added to your Do Not Contact list. If you subsequently re-import list data from another source or system, will filter out any addresses already held on your Do Not Contact List, protecting their unsubscription request.

You'll find your Do Not Contact list under the Collect tab. Here, you can add email addresses, domain names and mobile numbers to the list.

Once you've entered the details, click 'Add'. They will then appear to the right of the page and will be removed from any lists in your account.

Please note: Adding an entire email domain to your Do Not Contact list will prevent you from importing email addresses with that domain. Any email addresses with this domain already existing in your account will not be removed, and subscribers will still be able to sign up with the domain using a data capture form. You can also still add individual subscribers with this domain to lists in your account.

On the Do Not Contact list screen you can view the full list of email addresses, domain names and mobile numbers held on the Do Not Contact list.

The entries are sorted by date, with the most recently added at the top of the list. You can use the 'Search' option to find a specific subscriber that may be held on the list.

You can select to export this data as a CSV file by clicking 'Export to CSV'.

Individual email addresses, domain names and mobile numbers can also be removed from the list. However, this should not be done unless it has been specifically requested by a subscriber. To remove an individual subscriber you can simply click on the 'dustbin' icon and you will then be prompted to confirm.

To remove a couple of entries, select them in the window and then click 'Remove selected'.


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