Adding an individual subscriber

This function is useful when you want to add one or two subscribers quickly. For larger numbers, we recommend importing a data file.

Firstly, navigate to 'Lists' under the Collect tab. 

To add an email address, either click the 'Add' link to the right of the list name or select the 'Add subscriber' link which appears at the bottom of the list when it's expanded. 

A new window will emerge where you can enter the email address and the subscriber details.

Once you've entered the relevant information, click 'Save'. This will return you to the lists page and you will then see the subscriber appear at the top of the list you have just added it to.

You may need to refresh the page for the new subscription count to be calculated.

Editing or Removing a subscriber

You're able to edit and delete subscribers from this page as well. Depending on your list size the subscribers might not be that easy to find.

If this is the case or you're trying to edit or remove a subscriber and you don't know the list they are subscribed to, try searching all subscribers instead.


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