The Shopify App – how to rescue abandoned baskets

Sometimes, while a potential customer is shopping, they might get distracted or lose their internet connection, and for whatever reason, end up not completing the transaction. It's possible to rescue abandoned baskets with a friendly reminder email which contains a link directly to their saved basket.

You can get the free – Cart Recovery & Marketing Automation App for Shopify here.

When you install the app, we automatically create a list in your account for your purchasers, as well as some some extra features for you to get started with. Here's how you can use these features to rescue those abandoned baskets and ensure you keep hold of your purchasers.

First, go to "Lists" under the Collect tab. Here you'll see we've added a new folder called "Shopify", including two lists. "Shopify - abandoned baskets" is for those purchasers who don't complete their transactions, so this is the list you'll be using for this tutorial. "Shopify - customers" is where your new customers will be added if they choose to receive your mailings in the future.

Creating your reminder email

Go to "Campaigns" under the Create tab, and click to create a new email in Campaign Designer. You'll notice we've added three new templates to your account from which you can make your campaigns: a simple template, a fancy template, and a plain text template. They all contain the same text to begin with, and they can all be further edited.

Choose a template to open Campaign Designer, then you can start editing the copy, branding and images. All three templates include a personalised link to take the purchaser through to their basket, so make sure you don't remove this from the text. You can follow our guide on editing Campaign Designer campaigns and using the toolbar for further help with this.

Remember to save your campaign frequently as you go along. Once you proceed to the next step, you won't be able to make any further changes to the email, so make sure you're completely happy before moving on.

Creating your Marketing Automation rules

Go to "Marketing Automation" under the Send tab, and click to create a new rule. You want your email to be triggered when a user is added to the "Shopify - abandoned baskets" list, so choose "a subscriber is added to a list..." and select the list on the right-hand side.

On the next page, choose "Send the subscriber an email", and select your new reminder email on the right-hand side. Underneath, you can choose how long you want to wait before this email is dispatched, for instance an hour after they abandon the basket.

Now you can give your rule a name, and you're all set - an hour after the purchaser abandons their basket, they'll receive an email reminding them to complete their transaction with a link directly through to their basket.

Multiple reminders

A common practice is to give the purchaser a few chances to come back to their basket. You can create multiple Marketing Automation rules sending the same campaign at different times, for instance 24 hours later and 72 hours later, to get the best chance of recapturing your purchaser's attention. Just go through the same steps as above again, but change the time you want it to go out at.

If a client completes their transaction in Shopify, they’ll be automatically removed from this process, so they won’t receive additional reminders after they’ve made the purchase. 

Feeling technical?

We've used our shiny new Permission Marketing API to create this Shopify integration. Fancy integrating your account with other products? Take a look at and check out our API documentation.

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