Adding a data capture form to your Facebook page

The Form Manager Facebook App gives you a simple interface for adding your data capture forms to your business' Facebook page. This is great for getting your Facebook fans to sign up for your email newsletter or promotions.

Please note you must have created a data capture form in Collect and integrated your Facebook page with your account before you can add a form to your Facebook page. 

Don't forget you can also embed a data capture form on your website.

Before you start, make sure you're logged into your Facebook account in the same browser as your account. You'll need to be using Facebook as yourself, not as your page.

How to use the Form Manager App on your Facebook page

Select your form on the 'Form' page and click 'Promote'. In the popup box, click the radio button beside 'Add this form to a Facebook page', then click 'Go to Facebook app'.

When you're taken to Facebook, if you're using Facebook as your page, you'll be prompted to change to using it as yourself. You may also need to click 'OK' to give permission for Facebook to integrate properly.

Next you'll be taken to the Form Manager. From the 'Fan page' drop down, select the page you want to add the form to. Then select your form from the ' form' drop down. This will show you a preview of your form so you can make sure you've chosen the right one.

Then click 'Continue'.

The following page will ask you to confirm that you're happy to add the Form Manager app to your page. Click 'Add Page Tab' to continue.

When you return to your page, you'll see the form under the 'More' drop down list (You can use the 'Manage Tabs' option, at the bottom of this list, to rearrange the order they appear on your page).

How to rename and change the image on the form tab

Click the 'Settings' option at the top right of your page and then go to 'Apps', which can be seen in the list to the left. You will see the Form Manager here, select 'Edit settings'.

From here you can change the name and image associated with the form. To change the name, just type the new name into the box and click 'Save'. 

To change the image, go to 'Custom Tab Image' and click 'Change'. On the new page, hover over the current image and click the 'Edit' pencil. In the popup box, click 'Choose file' to select your image from your computer. Please note that the image dimensions must be 111 x 74 pixels exactly, no bigger or smaller! Once you've selected the image you can go back to your page and see the changes.

How to edit the App settings

Go to the Apps area within your page, as described under 'How to rename and change the image on the form tab'. 

Find ' Form Manager' from the list and click 'Go to application'. 

From here you can change the form that appears on your page. 

How to remove a form from a page

Again go to the Apps area within your page, as described under 'How to rename and change the image on the form tab'. Find ' Form Manager App' in the list and click the small cross on the right.

Click 'Remove' to confirm.

Please note that removing a form is page specific and will not affect any other data capture forms you may have on other business pages.

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