Analysing your social media post statistics

Share is available in all accounts and provides some fantastic information on your Tweets. The information allows you to understand how successful your Tweets are, how your fans or followers interact with you and gives you some key performance indicators.

Please note:

  • To use Share, you'll need to integrate your Twitter accounts with Here's a quick tutorial on how to do this.
  • Only content posted using Share will appear here – you won't be able to see content posted directly on Twitter.

All of the statistics can be found in the 'Sent posts' section of Share in your account. By default, you'll see a list of all the posts you've made through Share on all of your integrated Twitter accounts, with the most recent at the top.

Please note - our Facebook integration feature is no longer available and any references to it will soon be removed from the platform. Historical Facebook posts made through your account will still display under Sent posts but their stats will not be current.


For Tweets, you get the following information (icons from left to right):

  • Reach – the number of people who see your post in their feed
  • Replies
  • Retweets
  • Clicks – this will only apply to links

Sorting sent posts

To the right of the page, there's the option to sort your posts. Some of these are only applicable to historical posts to Facebook pages (comments and Likes) and some are only applicable to Tweets (replies and Retweets). If you select these criteria, the view will show only the relevant type of post.

You also have the option to show the results in ascending or descending order. To apply the sort criteria, click the button with the circular arrow.

Filtering sent posts

You can filter your posts in a number of different ways to refine your analysis.

Firstly, you can select which Facebook pages and Twitter accounts you'd like to view the posts for.

You can also choose a particular range of dates, useful for checking the success of your posts over a holiday such as Christmas or Easter.

Finally, you can display only shared posts, only shared campaigns or both. This is brilliant for finding out how your fans and followers interact when you share an email campaign on Twitter.

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