Viewing your data capture form usage statistics

If you use your account to create a data capture form, we provide some key statistics so you can see how your form is performing. form stats

The statistics for a form can be found in 'Forms' under the Collect tab. Simply click the 'Show form statistics' link at the top right of the page.

Each of the form icons will change to show you data about that form.

Form views

The total number of times your form has been viewed is represented in the bar chart as a blue column.

Subscriptions and conversions

The green column shows how many confirmed subscriptions you have had through the form. The green value in brackets is the conversion percentage - in other words, the percentage of people who have viewed your form and then completed a subscription.

Top tip: Do you want to improve your conversion percentage? Try offering an incentive to complete it, simplifying your form so it's quick and easy for people to fill it in, or customising the opt-in email with compelling calls to action.

Form usage

See when someone first completed your form and when it was most recently completed.

Top tip: Has no one completed your form recently? Maybe it's on a web page which is obsolete or it contains old information which is no longer relevant.

Subscription breakdown by list

If you have forms which are connected to multiple lists, you can see a breakdown of how many subscribers opt in to other lists. To see this, you'll need to toggle the stats off by clicking the 'Hide form statistics' link in the top right. Then click on the form icon to open the form properties popup.

The number in brackets next to each list name tells you how many subscribers have opted in to other lists.

Top tip: Not many people opting in to secondary forms? Try offering an incentive to make your call to action more enticing.

Please note: We aren't able to provide accurate usage statistics for your form if you embed it on your website using the open form HTML. If you're using this method, you may want to consider using Google Analytics tracking instead.


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