(Legacy) API setup instructions

Please note: You are viewing a guide for our Legacy API which is no longer in use on our platform. If you're using our new Permission Marketing API, please click the link below to find what you're looking for!

Before you can use the Sign-Up.to API you need to:

  1. Have a Sign-Up.to account – you can open one here
  2. Have entered the IP addresses that you want API access from into the 'API Access' area, under the cog symbol in your Sign-Up.to account
  3. Note down your API access details which you will also find in the 'API Access' area of your account, specifically the CID and Hash values which are used to identify your account

Please note: use of the Sign-Up.to API is IP restricted, so you must ensure that you perform step two for every server you wish to call the API from.

If you are using the Subscription Manager API to create a custom subscription form, you must use a local script on your server to validate and post the data to Sign-Up.to. You cannot do this directly from the user's form post as the request would then come from the end user's IP address, and would also require you to reveal your API access credentials within the publicly accessible HTML code of your form.

List IDs (PID value):

If you wish to interact with lists within your Sign-Up.to account you will need to obtain the ID number of the list(s) you wish to use, also called the PID value. This is a numerical value which can be found in the 'Collect' area of your Sign-Up.to account, by hovering your mouse over the icon to the left of the list name.


Further reading

Have you heard about our new Permission Marketing API?


Our brand new Permission Marketing API is a RESTful API for managing every aspect of your permission marketing. We've put together dev.sign-up.to where you can find all the documentation to get set up, and an up-to-date release log so you can get the latest news as we add features.

Easily integrate a whole host of powerful data management and online marketing tools with your platform or application.

Utilise our full range of permission marketing functionality, including subscriber collection and management tools, email and SMS campaign creation and bulk sending, advanced sending and targeting options, and detailed analytics.

With a selection of authorisation methods on offer and a full set of detailed documentation, you'll be up and running in no time.

Go to dev.sign-up.to

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