The Quick-Start Guide to Email Marketing

This guide is a quick overview which covers the basics of creating and sending an email campaign with links to some useful tutorials. We've designed it as a reminder of how to get your email marketing off to a flying start. Don’t forget that the platform has a plethora of other great features – we just couldn't fit them all in to a brief training session! Our get started page has a more in-depth step by step guide with links to tutorials on our handy tools.

1. Collect

'Lists' under the Collect tab is where you can find all of your subscribers. It’s always worth popping by to remind yourself which list you want to send a campaign to.

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2. Create

'Campaigns' under the Create tab is the home of our outstanding Campaign Designer editor tool. Open up the editor and select an email template which you’d like to use to build your campaign. With the easy-to-use tools, you can create amazing campaigns without having to know any HTML at all.

It's really important to save often, and when you save you can edit the subject line and 'from' name for your campaign. Generating a plain text version of your campaign helps to avoid spam filters and makes your emails accessible to more recipients.

When you're happy with your campaign, our Inbox Testing tool makes it quick and easy to see what your email will look like in a variety of email and webmail clients. This can help you to ensure that your email always looks great when it reaches your subscribers.

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3. Send

Finally, you're ready to send your campaign. Head to 'send campaign' under the Send tab. Select which list of subscribers you'd like to send to, or send your campaign to all of them. Next, select the email campaign you want to send and decide what time you want to send it. Click 'Schedule for delivery' and you're all done!

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A few last things…

If you want to check the progress of your campaign, cancel it or look at the analytics once it's sent, click the 'Campaign analysis' link under the Analyse tab.

Our Knowledge base has tutorials on all of the tools available in your account and our blog has lots of articles on every aspect of online marketing. You can access these resources and find contact details for our award-winning and forever friendly Support team by using the Support icons in the top left of your account.

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