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Exporting data allows you to view your Sign-Up.to subscriber data in a spreadsheet on your computer, permitting you to manually synchronise your data with external applications, or search and sort profile data. Exported data can easily be adjusted on your computer and then re-imported into a fresh Sign-Up.to list.

You can start your export either from the Collect section or the Send section. Each method is useful for different reasons, and both processes take you to the same export page.

Exporting data from a list in Collect

This method is easiest if you're already working in the Collect section and you want to review your lists one at a time, or save your data externally in the same lists as you store them in your account.

Click the Collect tab and go to 'Lists'. Find the list you want to export from, expand it, then click 'Export subscribers'. 

Building your export

On the export page, give your export a name so you can find it to download later.

Next you can choose which details you need to download. Hold the CTRL key to select more than one option. You can choose what subscriber details you want to include (e.g. email address, names, date of birth), any custom subscriber profile fields you want to include (e.g. the subscriber's favourite animal or closest branch of your store), and any SMS messages you've received.

On the right-hand side you can choose whether to export current or suspended data, or both. By default it will export only current data.

Next, click 'Proceed', and the following page will tell you that the export is being assembled. If you now return to the Home page, you'll see the progress of the export in the 'Recent activity' tab. It can be downloaded from the 'Exports' tab once complete. You will also be notified by email when the export is complete.

Export data via the Send tab

Via 'Send' you can export one list, a group of lists, list groups with exclusions or your entire database.

Click the Send tab and go to 'Send campaign'. Under the 'Choose lists' header, you can select 'All lists' to export the whole database, 'One list' to export just one list (as above), or one of your list groups, which you can read about creating here. You can also filter your selection by an audience, which you can read about creating here.

Once the number under the 'Review targeted subscribers' header has updated, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Export data'.

Then follow the same same process to build your export as above.

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