Share an email campaign on Facebook and/or Twitter

This feature is currently only available in the following editors: Campaign Designer, Classic Editor and HTML input. Campaign Designer and Classic Editor are legacy features which might not be available in your account. 

To share an email campaign on Facebook and Twitter you'll first need to integrate your account, so head over to 'Integrations' under the account cog symbol to do this.

In Create, first put together your email campaign, saving it as you go along. Once you're happy it's complete click 'Save' in the top right hand corner of the page.

Click 'Share campaign options'.

You'll now see a new window giving you the option of the Facebook page(s) and/or Twitter account(s) to share it to. If you have multiple accounts integrated, you can post to all or a selection of them simultaneously. Here you can also enter the text which will be posted as your email campaign is sent. If you'd like a link to the online view of your email campaign to appear in your Facebook update/tweet simply click the 'Include a link to the online view of this campaign' option. Then click 'Save'.

The main save window will now tell you which page(s) your update will be sent to when your email is sent.

Now click 'Save and exit' and schedule your email campaign. The update will post to the relevant social media page(s) as soon as the email is sent.

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