Target subscribers by action

Sometimes you'll want to send a follow-up campaign to people who performed a particular action with one of your email campaigns. Perhaps you want to send an email with specific product information to anyone who clicked on a link about your latest product, or want to send a reminder invitation to people who didn't open your original launch party invite. Our target subscribers by activity tools make this easy.

The first step is to head to the Analyse section of your account where you'll see the list of email campaigns you've sent. Now click the email campaign you'd like to target subscribers from.

You'll now see the campaign results page so scroll down to 'Additional reports' and click the 'Create a list of subscribers who performed particular actions' link. Here you can also download a CSV file of your email campaign results.

This will bring up a new window where you can choose which activities you would like to filter your subscribers by. You can filter them by opened, unopened, forwarded, links clicked and unclicked as well as goal tracking (if you've set this up).

Beneath this you can choose whether you'd like to add the data to an existing list or if you want to create a new list (this will also let you decide which folder the list sits in). These lists will be added to the Collect section of your account. Now click 'OK' to save the list.

The page will then refresh and you'll see a green bar telling you your list has been saved.

In Collect you'll now see the subscriber data which you can use to send targeted email campaigns.

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