Use the email analysis reports section

At we offer nine comprehensive analysis reports which allow you to gain in-depth information about your email campaign and subscriber activity.

First, click the 'Email analysis' link under the Analyse tab in your account. Here you will find the available reports.

All of the data can be saved and downloaded as a CSV file. To view saved reports, simply click the 'Saved reports' link which sits in the blue bar on the Email analysis page.

Below is a breakdown of each report:

How many new subscribers do I have?

This report shows you how many new subscribers you've gained over a time period of your choice for as few (or as many!) lists in your account as you like.

How do my email campaigns compare?

This tool allows you to compare how successful your campaigns were in terms of opens, clicks and unsubscriptions. These comparisons can be made over a selected time period.

How does activity vary by day of the week?

This report brings up information across all your campaigns and can help you assess the best day of the week to send your campaigns.

How do people interact with my email?

This report looks at how many people open your emails, click the links and unsubscribe up to 48 hours after your email campaign is sent.

How does my email performance vary by domain?

This tool shows you email delivery for your top ten domain names over a selected time period, and for multiple campaigns. This may include Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.

How does activity vary by time of day?

This report helps you assess the best time of day to send your campaigns.

Which are my best performing campaigns?

These three tools can be used to identify your best performing campaigns in terms of opens, click-through rates or meeting goals.

All of these reports will help you gain a more insightful picture of your campaign and email activity.

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