(Legacy) API guides

Please note: You are viewing the guides for our Legacy API which is no longer in use on our platform. If you're using our new Permission Marketing API, please click the link below to find what you're looking for!

Before you begin, please make sure that you have followed the general API setup instructions.

Subscription Manager API

The Subscription Manager API enables you to add, remove and verify subscriptions in your Sign-Up.to database. This is the API to use if you want to create a your own data capture form, or integrate Sign-Up.to with a CRM system or other external application.

Download the PDF version of the Subscription Manager API documentation

SMS Messaging API

The SMS API provides full 2-way SMS messaging access, allowing you to send and receive SMS messages from your own application using Sign-Up.to's SMS gateways. You can send broadcast SMS messages, receive SMS messages using our UK shortcode or internationally accessible MSISDN number and retrieve message delivery information.

Download the PDF version of the SMS API documentation

Campaign Manager API

The Campaign Manager API enables you to create, preview, schedule and manage email and SMS campaigns from your own application, using the Sign-Up.to system for storage, delivery and tracking.

Download the PDF version of the Campaign Manager API documentation

Subscriber Notifications API

The Subscriber Notifications API informs you of subscriber actions such as email views and link clicks.

Download the PDF version of the Subscriber Notifications API documentation

Account Statistics API

The Account Statistics API allows you to access account performance data such as subscription numbers, new subscriptions per day and email tracking results.

Download the PDF version of the Account Statistics API documentation

Have you heard about our new Permission Marketing API?


Our brand new Permission Marketing API is a RESTful API for managing every aspect of your permission marketing. We've put together dev.sign-up.to where you can find all the documentation to get set up, and an up-to-date release log so you can get the latest news as we add features.

Easily integrate a whole host of powerful data management and online marketing tools with your platform or application.

Utilise our full range of permission marketing functionality, including subscriber collection and management tools, email and SMS campaign creation and bulk sending, advanced sending and targeting options, and detailed analytics.

With a selection of authorisation methods on offer and a full set of detailed documentation, you'll be up and running in no time.

Go to dev.sign-up.to

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