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This guide will help get you up to speed in no time. Be it emailSMS or social marketing, you’ll be able to import your existing data, collect new subscriber details, create campaigns, schedule them for delivery and analyse the results from your first campaign! So what are you waiting for? Get started now…

Links below will take you to tutorials on the relevant subject.

Email marketing



We have two amazing tools to help you design beautiful emails.

  • Email editor requires no previous knowledge of HTML. You can simply drag-and-drop components to build the layout of your campaign, add images, links, personalisation and style your campaigns using themes, all with just a few clicks, making email design easy. 
  • HTML input is for those to whom HTML is a second language or for clients who have HTML ready from a designer. Simple copy and paste the code into the editor and your campaign will be created. Don’t forget that email design requires all your CSS to be inline using span tags and nested tables.

Once you’ve created your email, don’t forget to preview your campaign before you send it. This gives you the opportunity to make sure it looks exactly how it should in your email inbox as all email clients display HTML emails slightly differently. Inbox Testing is also available in all accounts and shows you previews of how your email will appear in the ten most popular email clients.


Once you’ve created a beautiful email, makes it easy to send it exactly when and to whom you want.


We provide a wide range of marketing email analysis tools so you can view the results of your email campaign and determine how successful it was. Use these metrics to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and get the best ROI.

SMS marketing


Before you can use any of our SMS services you must first set up your SMS keyword. This enables you to receive incoming SMS messages from your subscribers by using our unique shortcode, 61211 (UK only), or our long number, +44 (0)7624 802887 (international).

If you have an existing contacts list who have opted to receive SMS messages from you, the mobile numbers need to be formatted correctly before you import your data your data.

You can also use the SMS feature in your account to set up a text-to-subscribe service, allowing people to text in a keyword and their email address to subscribe to receive information from you.


Create an SMS campaign to catch your subscribers on the go, perfect for those time-sensitive messages. You can include personalisation and unsubscribe information in your messages.

Send allows you to schedule your SMS campaign up to 12 months in advance.


Use the Analyse section to view your delivery reports. Click on any of the numbers for a further breakdown of the statistics and see how successful your campaign was.

Social marketing

Our Share feature allows you to manage and analyse your social marketing as easily as you manage your email and SMS campaigns.


Integrate your Twitter feeds with your account.

Create and share


Key performance statistics such as reach/impressions, link clicks, number of likes/retweets and comments/replies are available in all accounts through our Share tool.

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