Edit or Remove an individual subscriber

These functions are useful when you want to edit or remove one or two subscribers quickly. For larger numbers when editing details, we recommend importing a data file and for larger numbers of removing subscribers, we recommend adding them to your do not contact list.

First, navigate to 'Subscribers' under the Collect tab in your account. This will bring you to the search page.

Choose the data to search by and enter your search text in the filter box (for email addresses this can be a partial text, for example the beginning of their email address). Click the magnify glass or press enter to search and the matching subscribers will be shown below.

Editing a subscriber

To edit a subscriber, click 'edit' next to the subscribers email address.

This will open up the dialogue box containing the information already held for that subscriber, simply make the relevant edits and click 'save'.

Removing a subscriber

To remove a subscriber, click 'delete' next to the subscribers email address.

You can choose to simply 'delete' the subscriber from the account or 'delete and add to do not contact list'. If you decide you don't wish to delete them, just click 'cancel'.



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